Failing development paradigm for Africa – do we need a new?

Tirsdag 23. april 2013, kl. 17:00 – 20:30

The Afro-pessimism of the past is changing to growing optimism about Africa’s future. However, five major research collaborations say this strong focus on growth is a mistake and that African countries badly need to embark on processes of economic transformation, not just growth. They are not helped by adoption of the institutional ‘best practices’ in much richer countries since development in poor countries depends on the political incentives facing political leaders. The research calls for a fundamental shift in aid philosophy in OECD countries, away from focus on financial transfers towards greater recognition of the importance of institutional change.
David Booth (ODI) leads the Africa Power and Politics Program (APPP), a five-year consortium research programme dedicated to “discovering institutions that work for poor people.” He will focus on three key issues (see below), each presentation to be followed by comments from the panel + discussions with panel and audience.
• Tove Degnbol, Head of Department, Technical Advisory Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
• Helle Munk Ravnborg, Head of Research Unit on Natural resources and poverty (DIIS).
• Vagn Berthelsen, Secretary General (IBIS).
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